Northern Soul at the Wigan Casino – a Caffeine Nights themed show production – Saturday 17th September – 2 – 4pm SLT

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Due to popular demand (well, 2 people), I have lovingly re-created the inner club of the Wigan Casino nightclub, hopefully capturing the authentic ambiance of sweat, cigarette smoke and excitement (thank you, Lord Andy, for the technical input as artistic director on this one – me being far too young to remember ).

For those of you not au fait with such a specifically regional venue and historical gem, here’s an introduction from our Lord Andy, a regular of the club in his day…

For a brief period in the mid 1970s the flame of popular music burnt brightly at in a small industrial town in north west England.

Between 1973 and 1981 a run down dance hall, The Casino Club, was the home of a musical phenomenon that went by the name of Northern Soul.

Although it’s famous for its Soul All Nighter the Casino wasn’t just the home of Saturday night soul music. Earlier in the evening it played host to a night of live rock. This was where I cut my heavy metal teeth.

So tonight we bring you a selection of sounds from those early days of metal, spun by the lovely Anouk, before our very own Mr Gerrard Winstanley steps up to the decks of his namesake Russ to take you on a trip through the sounds of Northern Soul.

Starting at 2pm SLT until midnight.

Gothic Victoriana Themed Show

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Well it’s been a while since our last themed show, what with everyone being away on holiday over the summer, so I’ve had plenty of time to indulge myself in my most epic set build yet.

I’ve been very involved in the Sky Atlantic tv series, Penny Dreadful recently – if you haven’t seen it, I would highly recommend it. True gothic horror with Eva Green, Timothy Dalton and a host of other well known names.

Aaaanyway – there is a scene filmed in a Victorian tropical glass house that really caught my interest. The architecture is stunning, with all those glass curves and domes and tunnels. Then there is the undeniable beauty of the foliage and colours of exotic tropical plants and flowers. But beneath all that beauty, there is also a slightly sinister element. The delicate curtain of steamy mist that hangs in the air – the thick humid heat – the rich sweet scents.

In the scene from the programme, our heroine (or should that be anti-heroine?) is leaning over a delicate and beautiful flower, closing her eyes and inhaling its perfume as a beguiling Dorian Grey stands beside her and whispers in her ear.

Penny Dreadful

“What does it say to you?”

“Touch me, with your finger, softly, with my scent on your neck. Open your lips and taste.” Vanessa, who seems to have forgotten herself, opens her eyes and stares at Dorian. He identifies the plant as deadly nightshade, a lethal plant.

“It seem so enticing and luxurious, but within, there’s a dark thing waiting…”

“Is it poisonous?” she asks him.

“Like all beautiful things, I hope so,” he replies.

I have paraphrased the actual dialogue a tad, but the overall atmosphere of hidden darkness just below the surface of all the delicate beauty was what appealed to me. So to that end, I threw myself into creating my own tropical Victorian butterfly house. And since I now have my nice big plot of mainland with a yummy big chunk of prims, I was able to go crazy. The build took over two months to complete and we finally managed to open it to our guests last weekend.


We hosted our Gothic Victoriana evening and between us, Sword and I (with some great suggestions from Lord Andy) put together a list of music that ranged from authentic Victorian, through period musical show tunes, but also with an undertone of darker music to balance all the grace and light.



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As usual, all our guests made great efforts to dress the part and gave that extra touch of authenticity to the surroundings.

And as a final surprise at the end of the evening, the roof opened and we treated our guests to a stupendous fireworks display, with colours glittering off the glass walls and sparks flying up into the night sky…

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The set will  remain in place until the end of this month (October) so if you missed the show and would like to have a stroll around a lovely, relaxing tropical greenhouse, please feel free to pop by and visit – and don’t forget to sign the guest book!


Here’s a few kind comments left by visitors to this set:

‘Just a silent admiration to your work, Anouk’ka.’ – Satu Catronis
‘Always great to be part of one of your amazing sets. Thanks you my friend for being such an artist,  We need you in SL’ – Valdez Lauria
‘Amazing venue, just gorgeous, and the music was as usual perfect. :)’ – Rhiannon Colclough
 ‘FABULOUS and brilliant build!’ – ElizabethWallington Resident
‘Love this place, Anouk – is totally fabulous! ~ G 🙂 ‘ – Gerrard Winstanley
‘Great music and time here. Thanks Sword’ – andrea jonesms
 ‘Absolutely stunning build, Anouk.  Thank you for sharing it..  :))’ – Autopilotpatty Poppy
‘Magnificient place! This is my first time here but I’ve already fallen in love with it! ^x^’ – Peppermint Girl

The Caffeine Nights Orient Express – Woowoo!! All Aboard!

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Marcel’s Cafe took it’s entire crowd of Caffeine Nights clients on an amazing trip on the Orient Express last week. With DJ G-Winz at the wheel, we were taken on a musical journey through many of the countries visited by the original Orient Express, all with a fabulous chff-chff-chff rhythm to accompany the rocking of the carriages as we passed through each new location.

Here are some pics I took before the show, as Sword and I discuss the journey…

Arriving at the platform
Briefing the staff
Steaming up, and just waiting for the passengers to arrive
Waiting at the station
Sword gets a break from bartending as George takes over for the evening
Dining carriage with tables laid and tea trolley at the ready
Got your tickets?
Pre-departure drinks in the bar carriage
Pre-departure drinks in the bar carriage
DJ G-Winz getting warmed up
DJ G-Winz getting warmed up
Snapshot12_001 (2)
Yours truly showing off her new outfit 😉
Just a cool shot for no reason…

And now, click on the YouTube video to get an actual taste of the journey, with sounds and scenes recorded and compiled by the very talented Mr Sword Starfall!


And finally, here are some very kind words left by our passengers in the Caffeine Nights Guest Book….


 ‘I’m adoring your work. astonishing, really. congratulations……..Satu.’

  • satu Catronis

‘è bellissimo stare con voi! grazie!! it is wonderful to be with you, thanks’

  • Stella Anwyl

‘Thanks for having me – what a lovely event!  ~ Zoe’

  • Zoe Foodiboo

 ‘Thank you for fulfilling my dream for me!  HUGS!  Liz!’

  • Elizabeth Wallington

‘This place looks lovely :)’

  • gustav2005 Resident

‘First time aboard. Very excited!!!’

  • Emily Genopeak

‘Love this train and station – the detail is incredible!’

  • Rhiannon Colclough

‘lovely time had by all, thx, kalanite’

  • kalanite Bluestar

‘Great party Anouk’

  • alexiasulamericana Resident:

G’s Alternative Eurovision at Marcel’s

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Another surprising evening with G-Winz’s alternative Eurovision song contest at Marcel’s!





Some doubts remain as to how could Hungary win with more votes than people voting,


and everyone mentioned a suspect undercover person that after taking a bow over the counter left with the trophy…



Seratta Italiana

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On Saturday 3rd of May, Caffeine Nights was proud to open with our first themed show of the season. Some of you who have been members of the old Club Mirage will know that we have done many themed shows over the years, and I am slowly getting round to uploading pics from them to the Past Shows page.

Sword adds:

On a train voyage from Milan to Genoa our friends Stella and Fabio passed the time away making a list of their favourite Italian tunes, since we had once considered the idea of an Italian evening.  This is mostly the result of their choices put together with the elegant and creative vision of our own Anouk, one of the best set designers in Sl!
Could only result in this amazing evening, to which our Italian friends decided to add some classic and historical figures, making it a mix of romantic Italy and lost Atlantis!


So it was great fun to roll out one of our old sets for our new guests to enjoy. We created a romantic Italian evening in the Colosseum in Roma, where our guests came and danced in the flickering shadows to the beautiful tunes selected by our friends Stella and Fabio and played by our very own DJ, Sword.


Everyone made a fantastic effort with their outfits and we had some very impressive visitors.




We even had our own version of the Trevi fountain, and guests were able to throw in coins to make a wish…


The evening ended with a surprise firework show, and guests being showered with hearts and flowers..



(although earlier in the evening, there had been a brief, un-forecasted flurry  😉


Sword has put together a groovy slideshow of the evening so if you want to get a little feel of the music and atmosphere, here it is, and don’t forget to subscribe to his channel for future events! 🙂