Anouk’s Princess Party

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So it was my birthday last week….and for some inexplicable reason, and very unlike me, I decided that I was going to have a Princess Party, of all things!

Now those of you who know me will know that I’m not generally a shy, retiring kinda girlie – so with that in mind, I went all out and made myself a totally indulgent party room, complete with purple bouncy castle, unicorns, fountains, rainbows and anything else that took my fancy. I had an absolute blast and even had a purple padded floor.

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The invitations were sent out, demanding that all the guests wore their biggest, poofiest, sparkliest princess gowns, including the boys (although I was nice and said that those fellas not quote confident enough to show off their knees in a frock could come as our handsome princes). A big shout out has to therefore go to the very brave and self-assured Mr Gerard Winstanley for donning a particularly charming little number and showing off his legs for the entire evening 馃檪聽 Snapshot_003

We had a fabulous turnout and I would like to give a huge “Thank You” to my wonderful DJ’s, Sword and Rhia, who really made the evening with their great music. Rhia even went as far as to sing happy birthday to me, in that knee-wobblingly melty voice of hers that had most of the crowd a bit flushed by the time she had finished.

I rezzed out every bit of food and drink I had and as usual, over-catered by a mile.

Here’s some pics of the crowd in all their full princess glory….

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….although the prize for the most insanely huge dress is a toss up between Emma, and her outrageous hair…

…and Kala, whose dress was so massive, she had to be carried in on the back of 4 newbies! I knew that woman would try to out-do me with her dress – grrrrr!聽 *shakes fist*聽 馃槢Snapshot_027

We ended the evening with a gorgeous firework display that really looked amazing as the coloured explosions lit up the rainbows and sparkles of the set.

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So once again – I would like to say a massive thank you to Sword and Rhia for DJing for me, for G-man for being the only guy to wear a dress, and to everyone else for being there. I had the BEST time and hope you did too! 馃榾

And finally……because I couldn’t decide which dress to wear, I wore them all…so here, because I’m the birthday princess and I can, is a totally gratuitous slide show just of ME and my dresses! 馃榾

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The Gospel, According to Rhia

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Snapshot _ Caffeine Nights Show Plot, Annelie (45, 193, 3752) - copyOK, folks, I am calling on you to repent of your SINS!聽 Come forward and dedicate your lives…to having fun and dancing up a storm!聽 For two hours, we’ll be dancing and having fun to some of the most awesome gospel music, from old-time religious music to the most modern of remixes!聽 Shake the dust from your feet and tap them to the most uplifting two hours of tunes you’ve ever heard!聽 – Rhia C

Last weekend we were treated to a most uplifting themed show DJ’d by the lovely Rhia ‘Blues Mamma’ Colclough. Now I’ve always loved gospel music, so I was really looking forward to see what she would play, but she really pulled out all the stops and as well as the more traditional ‘churchy’ gospel, she also mixed it up with some amazing true Southern Baptist style blues gospel.

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We were even fortunate enough to manage to get hold of the very popular gospel choir, the Second Life Gospel Singers, who gave Rhia a resounding backing vocal support…


We had a great turnout and everyone felt the spirit lift them as they danced and raised their voices to the heavens.

And it just goes to show how music can bring everyone together, as we even had angels and demons dancing in harmony…

Snapshot_046 Snapshot_047

Though I did wonder what the celestial punishment would be for dancing on the head of an angel…


And finally, our very own Mr Sword Starfall presents one of his outstanding stop-motion movies of the event, so you can get the true feel of the atmosphere and the music:

The Caffeine Nights Orient Express – Woowoo!! All Aboard!

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Marcel’s Cafe took it’s entire crowd of Caffeine Nights clients on an amazing trip on the Orient Express last week. With DJ G-Winz at the wheel, we were taken on a musical journey through many of the countries visited by the original Orient Express, all with a fabulous chff-chff-chff rhythm to accompany the rocking of the carriages as we passed through each new location.

Here are some pics I took before the show, as Sword and I discuss the journey…

Arriving at the platform
Briefing the staff
Steaming up, and just waiting for the passengers to arrive
Waiting at the station
Sword gets a break from bartending as George takes over for the evening
Dining carriage with tables laid and tea trolley at the ready
Got your tickets?
Pre-departure drinks in the bar carriage
Pre-departure drinks in the bar carriage
DJ G-Winz getting warmed up
DJ G-Winz getting warmed up
Snapshot12_001 (2)
Yours truly showing off her new outfit 馃槈
Just a cool shot for no reason…

And now, click on the YouTube video to get an actual taste of the journey, with sounds and scenes recorded and compiled by the very talented Mr Sword Starfall!


And finally, here are some very kind words left by our passengers in the Caffeine Nights Guest Book….


聽‘I’m adoring your work. astonishing, really. congratulations……..Satu.’

  • satu Catronis

‘猫 bellissimo stare con voi! grazie!! it is wonderful to be with you, thanks’

  • Stella Anwyl

‘Thanks for having me – what a lovely event!聽 ~ Zoe’

  • Zoe Foodiboo

聽‘Thank you for fulfilling my dream for me!聽 HUGS!聽 Liz!’

  • Elizabeth Wallington

‘This place looks lovely :)’

  • gustav2005 Resident

‘First time aboard. Very excited!!!’

  • Emily Genopeak

‘Love this train and station – the detail is incredible!’

  • Rhiannon Colclough

‘lovely time had by all, thx, kalanite’

  • kalanite Bluestar

‘Great party Anouk’

  • alexiasulamericana Resident:

Next themed show – June 7th!

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Following the outstanding success of our first themed show for Caffeine Nights, we’re on a roll and have another great event planned for Saturday 7th of June. We’ll release more details closer to the time, but mark the date in your diaries and make sure you’ll be available! 馃檪

G’s Alternative Eurovision at Marcel’s

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Another surprising evening with G-Winz’s alternative Eurovision song contest at Marcel’s!





Some doubts remain as to how could Hungary win with more votes than people voting,


and everyone mentioned a suspect undercover person that after taking a bow over the counter left with the trophy…



Seratta Italiana

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On Saturday 3rd of May, Caffeine Nights was proud to open with our first themed show of the season. Some of you who have been members of the old Club Mirage will know that we have done many themed shows over the years, and I am slowly getting round to uploading pics from them to the Past Shows page.

Sword adds:

On a train voyage from Milan to Genoa our friends Stella and Fabio passed the time away making a list of their favourite Italian tunes, since we had once considered the idea of an Italian evening.聽 This is mostly the result of their choices put together with the elegant and creative vision of our own Anouk, one of the best set designers in Sl!
Could only result in this amazing evening, to which our Italian friends decided to add some classic and historical figures, making it a mix of romantic Italy and lost Atlantis!


So it was great fun to roll out one of our old sets for our new guests to enjoy. We created a romantic Italian evening in the Colosseum in Roma, where our guests came and danced in the flickering shadows to the beautiful tunes selected by our friends Stella and Fabio and played by our very own DJ, Sword.


Everyone made a fantastic effort with their outfits and we had some very impressive visitors.




We even had our own version of the Trevi fountain, and guests were able to throw in coins to make a wish…


The evening ended with a surprise firework show, and guests being showered with hearts and flowers..



(although earlier in the evening, there had been a brief, un-forecasted flurry聽 馃槈


Sword has put together a groovy slideshow of the evening so if you want to get a little feel of the music and atmosphere, here it is, and don’t forget to subscribe to his channel for future events! 馃檪

G plays Ray Charles

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Last Saturday, Marcel’s Penthouse Ballroom held it’s weekly party, and, starting at 15:00 PST (23:00 GMT).


Marcel20140413_007 - C贸pia


Our amazing turntablist/electroswinger G-WINZ, conducted a vibrant and swinging re-visitation to the work of the great Ray Charles, exploring all angles of the great musician’s work, either from personal interpretations or covers from his masterpieces.


Marcel20140413_037 - C贸pia


Marcel20140413_040 - C贸pia


It was a major success and G was forced by popular demand to extend his program for an extra half hour!

Here we have some pictures from that evening.

Marcel20140413_012 - C贸pia Marcel20140413_010 - C贸pia Marcel20140413_036 - C贸pia Marcel20140413_019 - C贸pia Marcel20140413_006 - C贸pia

Be Happy,