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A long overdue introduction to the lovely Lorah!

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I’ve been very bad and not got my act together for putting info about all our fab guest DJ’s under The Team page so I’m rectifying that as fast as I can.

The gorgeous Lorah Lahnah has been guesting at Marcel’s for a while now so is long overdue a proper introduction and welcome to the team.

Lorah does her Happy Hour set at Marcel’s on Tuesday nights, from 4pm SLT (midnight EU time) so please come along and give her your support. She’s a dear friend of the club and we love having her there! 🙂




Introducing DJ Patty Poppy!

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Marcel’s is proud to present our newest guest DJ, Patty Poppy! (cue mad applause).

Poppy has done a couple of sets for us at Marcel’s now and they have been a huge success. To the point that I stayed up waaaay past my bedtime because she kept playing such great tunes that I didn’t want to leave   😛

We’re very happy to have Poppy join our Caffeine Nights family and hope you will come and listen to her Happy Hour sets every Thursday, 4pm SLT (midnight EU time).

Check out Poppy’s bio under The Team page 🙂

Patty Poppy