Apologies from the Editor…

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For any of you kind enough to actually be following this blog, I feel I must apologies for the many not-so-ninja edits you may have noticed. If you’ve signed up for email notifications whenever there’s an update, I humbly apologise, as you will be pinged repeatedly as I read through posts and pages I’ve written in the past, and decide they need tweaking.

Due to my innate impatience, I may not always notice things when I post a new piece, despite attempting to ensure that the writing is nicely correct and tidy before I hit the ‘publish’ button. But invariably, the moment the piece is published, I will spot something that needs changing, and back to edit we go.

So once again – thank you for bearing with me and my conflicted issues with an OCD Capricorn need for order and tidiness, unfortunately combined with a terrible lack of patience or attention span  🙂


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