Lorah plays Gypsy

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Dear readers,

Marcel’s Caffeine Nights (you do know Caffeine Nights and Marcel’s bistro are one and the same project?) were taken by our DJ, Lorah, on an unexpected field trip to a lovely gypsy camp the other evening. There by the fire, Lorah spun some great classical Flamenco and we all danced by the fire, caught up by the mystery and magic of that special evening.

Gypsy3_001Mr. Jeffries and Miss Koray engaged on a highly entertaining conversation about the yet very new concept of Greek philosophers kissing animals for inspirational purposes (namely donkeys), which led to a more widespread discussion as to who called who a donkey and who was actually too drunk to know what he was talking about. A very interesting and amusing “soiree” in which the guitars of Manitas de Plata and Paco de Lucia, along with the beautiful voices of several Flamenco singers, of which Conchita Buika certainly stood out.

Here are some pictures of the event, in which you will recognize, besides the yet mentionned Jeffries and Anouk, also some mysterious person pretending to pass for Clint Eastwood, Valdez Lauria, DJ Merlinz, Niahm (wearing the full Marcel’s Matelots outfit), Alexia and Kalanite Bluestar.

Gypsy1_001And, since we mentioned her, we leave you a link for one of Concha Buika’s songs.

Be happy!




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