Wow! Caffeine Nights Lisbon set has been voted as a Favourite Virtual City in the GuardianWitness!

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I am incredibly flattered to announce that our recent Lisbon set has been entered by the very lovely mister G-Winz into the GuardianWitness’s ‘My Favourite Virtual City’ article!


See our entry here: GuardianWitness – Caffeine Nights Lisbon set 

I must admit, I hadn’t heard of the GuardianWitness before today, but this is what it is:

What is GuardianWitness?

GuardianWitness is the home of user-generated content on the Guardian. You can contribute your video, pictures and stories, and browse all the news, opinions and creations submitted by others. Posts will be reviewed prior to being published on GuardianWitness, with the best pieces featured on the Guardian site.

So wow! Thank you very much G, for adding our little set to the entries. You made my day!   🙂

And here is a link to the main article, so you can see some of the other fabulous virtual locations that have been entered:

GuardianWitness – Favourite Virtual Cities

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