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On Saturday 3rd of May, Caffeine Nights was proud to open with our first themed show of the season. Some of you who have been members of the old Club Mirage will know that we have done many themed shows over the years, and I am slowly getting round to uploading pics from them to the Past Shows page.

Sword adds:

On a train voyage from Milan to Genoa our friends Stella and Fabio passed the time away making a list of their favourite Italian tunes, since we had once considered the idea of an Italian evening.  This is mostly the result of their choices put together with the elegant and creative vision of our own Anouk, one of the best set designers in Sl!
Could only result in this amazing evening, to which our Italian friends decided to add some classic and historical figures, making it a mix of romantic Italy and lost Atlantis!


So it was great fun to roll out one of our old sets for our new guests to enjoy. We created a romantic Italian evening in the Colosseum in Roma, where our guests came and danced in the flickering shadows to the beautiful tunes selected by our friends Stella and Fabio and played by our very own DJ, Sword.


Everyone made a fantastic effort with their outfits and we had some very impressive visitors.




We even had our own version of the Trevi fountain, and guests were able to throw in coins to make a wish…


The evening ended with a surprise firework show, and guests being showered with hearts and flowers..



(although earlier in the evening, there had been a brief, un-forecasted flurry  😉


Sword has put together a groovy slideshow of the evening so if you want to get a little feel of the music and atmosphere, here it is, and don’t forget to subscribe to his channel for future events! 🙂

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