Uncle Marcel visits the bistro.

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Uncle Marcel was recently surprised, coming down to check on the unusual noise at the bistro, by a wide group of people, having fun and enjoying the music and ambiance there.


His presence was a success and everyone wanted to be in a pic with uncle, so here we join some of those!
lepow_008 - Cópia

In fact the group he met there has been gathering for some time, since Marcel’s started it’s daily Happy Hour, with a different DJ every evening given free hand to play whatever he/she feels like with no limitations to musical genre or need to prepare a well thought sequence. Just going with the mood of the hour, and frequently venturing on musical styles they usually don’t use on their regular formal show appearances.

lepow_003 - Cópia
As many of our friends already pointed out, it’s precisely that laid back, conversational, friendly atmosphere that keeps them coming back, to enjoy a warm company and a familiar chat before they head home to sleep.


We at Marcel’s would also like to thank all the Dj’s (Gerrard “G-Winz” Winstanley; Lorah Lanah and Rhiannon “Rhia C” McKenna) for the way they generously joined the “Happy Hour” project.


Stay Happy,


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