G plays Ray Charles

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Last Saturday, Marcel’s Penthouse Ballroom held it’s weekly party, and, starting at 15:00 PST (23:00 GMT).


Marcel20140413_007 - Cópia


Our amazing turntablist/electroswinger G-WINZ, conducted a vibrant and swinging re-visitation to the work of the great Ray Charles, exploring all angles of the great musician’s work, either from personal interpretations or covers from his masterpieces.


Marcel20140413_037 - Cópia


Marcel20140413_040 - Cópia


It was a major success and G was forced by popular demand to extend his program for an extra half hour!

Here we have some pictures from that evening.

Marcel20140413_012 - Cópia Marcel20140413_010 - Cópia Marcel20140413_036 - Cópia Marcel20140413_019 - Cópia Marcel20140413_006 - Cópia

Be Happy,


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